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Websites I trust:
(***This website is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, diagnose, or comment on any form of medicine, medical therapy or medical help. It is for information purposes only. It does not reflect the views of the San Diego Cancer Research Institute or it’s Board of Directors.)

San Diego Cancer Research Institute 

 ThriveCuisine.comVegan information

Eat, Breathe, Move, Heal: Chef Jessica Leibovich

National Institute of Health (NIH)
National Cancer Institute: Great site for information concerning cancer. Includes research information.
National Center for Alternative & Complementary Medicine: One of my favorite sites for herbal remedies and other complementary modalities.
Pubmed: Also a part of NIH. Great way to search for publications & research on any medical subject.
Medline Plus: Great site for patients, their families & friends. Information put in easy to understand terms.

Environmental Working Group: This is one of my favorite sites for information about environmental toxins. Look at the right sidebar and check out the “more tools and resources” One of the most important sites for your “tool box”

Organic Consumers Association: Anything you ever wanted to know about Organic foods, the politics involved, the ongoing fights against Monsanto etc. Needless to say, my favorite site!

Mayo Clinic: My favorite website for accurate and up to date information. I highly recommend it for disease, nutrition, supplements and treatment information

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: The “Ask a Nutritionist” is a great place to get information about specific problems with diet and supplements. Great site to check information that you saw online or that someone sent you in an email.

WebMD: Good source of information. I use this site a lot. In addition:     Portion Control and Size Guide Food portion sizes today are far bigger than they were in the past, which means we’re taking in far more calories than we realize. Understanding healthy and correct portion sizes is critical to long-term weight management. This printable wallet-size portion control guide will help to keep you on track even when you’re on the go, and be sure to check out the fridge-size portion control guide, too!”

Good Fish Guide: Great information about specific fish you may eat. This site is out of the United Kingdom but is relevant information. Lots to learn about fish!

World Watch Institute: This is an activist site about sustainable agriculture, climate change, environment and society world wide. Take a look at it just for the valuable information it provides about your food. You don’t have to agree with the politics!

Monteray Bay Aqaurium Seafood Watch: This is the best site to keep an eye on the seafood that you eat.

Choose My Plate: Very nice website with valuable nutrition information. You should bookmark this one on your computer.

Eat Wild: This site tells you where you can buy healthy meats by state.

Fruit & Nut Seasonality Chart: For Northern California

Harvest Calendar: For San Diego & Southern California

10 Fermented Foods You Can Easily Make at Home Good list plus links to recipes.

Shelf Life Advice:  Wondering about how long those eggs will last? How about those veggies you have had for two days? This site is really nice to find out the shelf life for specific items. 

StillTastey:  Another good site to find the shelf life of frozen & fresh foods. Tools & Resources: Dietary Guidelines for 2016 & charts.

Dr. Low Dog’s Food Pyramid My favorite food pyramid. Download the chart.

WebMD Portion ControlDownload this excellent portion chart for your refrigerator!

Oldway’s Heritage Pyramids. This is not only informative, but fun to look at. The site has Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, African, Vegan & Vegetarian food pyramids.

San Diego Farmer’s MarketsLook at the menu on the left under “Buy Local”. Lots of good information.

San Diego Harvest CalendarThis site has a list of produce & what month you can find it.

Cholesterol & Cholesterol Fighting Foods ; information about lowering your cholesterol & smoothie recipes to help in that endeavor: Lower Your Cholesterol With These 7 Smoothie Recipes  I want to thank Jennifer Pelegreen, editor of  Easy Healthy Smoothie , for bringing their site to my attention.