A Vegan Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving at my house will be strictly vegan this year. Our house rule is that we are vegan at home & vegetarian when out & about or for special occasions. This rule has always worked for us, especially when a pizza craving occurs. This year we have found that we migrate to vegan food even when out & about. We just feel healthier eating this way. Hence the Vegan Thanksgiving. 

In the past I have posted a balanced look at Thanksgiving recipes. You can find those posts here:

This year I want to share how a vegan cooks for this holiday. Vegans & vegetarians don’t look for a protein to be the centerpiece of the meal. It is usually a side dish. For a vegan this is especially true since we don’t eat any animal products; dairy & eggs included. We do cook with the intent of having nutritionally balanced meals. Making sure we get all the nutrients needed to stay healthy including protein, fat, fiber etc. 

What do vegans eat on holidays? For a more traditional Vegan Thanksgiving meal, here are some ideas.

Delish: 24 Seriously Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes By Sienna Fantozzi, September 18, 2017 Love these recipes. Here are a few that I picked out to consider for our meal.

  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts I like simple 🙂 This is a perfect side dish. You can use frozen Brussels Sprouts too. Easy to cut while frozen.
  • Holiday Roasted Vegetables Another simple way to roast veggies. I would add turnips & or potatoes to the mix.
  • Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy You have to have gravy for the mashed potatoes. This recipe is simple & tasty. I have used it before.

Minimalist Baker: VEGAN THANKSGIVING RECIPE ROUNDUP, 65 Vegan Recipes! These recipes are organized by meals. Breakfast, Sides & Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts & Beverages. Something for everybody. Here are a few that I picked out. 

It is not difficult to change a recipe into a vegan version. Take a look at this article. Food52: Veganizing Thanksgivingby  • November 15, 2012   I found this post from 2012 to share with you. The author, Gena Hamshaw, shows you how to ‘veganize’ your favorite Thanksgiving recipes with links to the new version. She also includes a wonderful recipe for Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprout, and Bread Stuffing with Apples. 

One of my go to websites is Oh She Glows. Angela has a great list of recipes for Thanksgiving. She is a mother of little ones so her recipes are ‘make ahead’ or easy to throw together. The one I would like to try is Make-Ahead Roasted Butternut Squash Casserole Make sure to take time to look at her cookbook too.

Martha Stewart has some very good Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes. My favorite is using white beans: Creamy White Bean and Vegetable Mash This is a healthy, creamy mashed potato alternative. Looks good!

I also stumbled onto Food & Wine; Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes. They have some delicious recipes for any holiday! I love Mexican food. This recipe is a must try for New Years! Vegan Enchiladas You could buy the sauce. I happen to like green salsa & green enchilada sauce best. The Crema looks easy to make. Mexican food for New Years! Yes!

The Huffington Post: These 29 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Are An Herbivore’s Holiday Dream Come True, By Kate Bratskeir  Each recipe is linked to a vegan website. Oh She Glows contributed the first recipe: Fluffy White Dinner Rolls. Every Thanksgiving that I can remember there was always a debate as to whether we should include rolls on the menu. I always voted yes because I love breads. But every year we were all too stuffed to enjoy the homemade rolls. Most were leftover for breakfast. So why not just make them the next morning to enjoy with the leftovers! 

The Fat Free Vegan Kitchen: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes has some traditional recipes for your dinner. We haven’t discussed desert yet. Each of the links I have provided have deserts from apple to pumpkin. But this one! Oh my! Vegan Double-Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake I don’t use vegan cheese or butter, but I will make an exception for this lovely treat. 

For an easy vegan pumpkin pie from scratch by the Minimalist Baker: VEGAN GLUTEN-FREE PUMPKIN PIE You can buy a ready to use vegan crust or my favorite crust is to use phyllo dough layers. It looks pretty when done & they are easy to use. I use olive oil between the layers as I place them in the pie dish. You can find the recipe for this here:  Athens Phyllo 

Remember the website Chocolate Covered Katie? Well, she has an apple pie recipe that sounds soooo good! Healthy Apple Pie Recipe  Browse her Recipe Index for more healthy vegan ideas.

What is my menu for this holiday? We decided to skip tradition & the dinner rolls 🙂 

Happy cooking! Until next week…Mary

***To replace an egg in a recipe…