Foods as Beauty Products!

Picking Chamomile. MHollander

Our NUT Elf, Suzi, had this interesting idea for this weeks post; using food as beauty products. This can be for your everyday routine or for an in-home spa day to relax. What a fun time I had in researching this topic. 

Before we get into natural ways to enhance your beauty, take a look at this article from Health on NBC News. Suffering for beauty has ancient roots. From lead eyeliner to mercury makeup, killer cosmetics over the decade. by Diane Mapes. Reading this may have you taking a closer look at the ingredients in your makeup & beauty products.

You can always check up on the manufacturer on’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database 

I felt it only fair to add this site where you can check on the ingredients of your cosmetics. It is sponsored by the industry.  Cosmetics Info: The Science & Safety Behind Your Favorite Products “Consumers of cosmetics and personal care products are protected by strong federal safety regulations under the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via the Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act. In addition, cosmetics companies work to ensure ingredient safety and are guided by a strong commitment to utilize the best science and latest available research data to substantiate the safety of a cosmetic and personal care product before it is marketed. Based on the information that is submitted to the FDA, via the Adverse Events Reporting System and other reporting mechanisms, it is important to note that only a very small percentage of cosmetics or personal care products on the market are associated with adverse events.”  Take a look at this page: A History of Cosmetics from Ancient Times  Fascinating!

Suzi starts us off with this contribution… “It works! I’ve only done this once today, and my wrinkles were not gone totally, but not as deep. So I’m guessing if I keep using it, maybe they will go away! ha ha ha”

No More Wrinkles and Sagging Skin on Your Face 

  • 1/2 cucumber + 1 egg white
  • Peel cucumber and cut into small pieces. Blend into a puree. Pour into a bowl covered with a strainer, drain all the juice. Smash the pulp with a spoon in the strainer to ensure all the juice is extracted. Add the egg white and mix well.
  • Apply the mixture on the areas of the skin you want to tighten. Let it stand for 15 minutes; rinse with cold water.
  • To get the best results, use once or twice a week.

Our coffee grounds go in a jar for the garden. They are nitrogen rich & turn my Hydrangea flowers from pink to purple. Now I have a new use for them.  From Elle Magazine: Seven Miracle Beauty Products Found in the Food Aisle Strawberries as teeth whitener? Yep. BY   JAN 31, 2014

For all of you coconut oil lovers, the author lists several good uses for it. I want to try it for shaving my legs. That way I won’t have to put lotion on afterwards. 

From marie claire: 11 Natural Skin Care Products That Are Already in Your Fridge  Your kitchen = your new Sephora. By  Oct 30, 2015 

In this article, instead of strawberries to whiten your teeth, she recommends orange peels. Both sound tasty. If you have Champagne & Sake in your kitchen, you can now move them into your makeup cubby 🙂 Of course Apple Cider Vinegar & Baking Soda make the list. 

Tea Bags have been used for dark circles & puffy eyes for centuries. I like using Chamomile on my eyes when they are tired & itchy. Here are some more ideas from the Readers Digest:  22 Ways to Use Tea to Benefit Your Beauty, Home and Garden   

Here is a site with 5 DIY beauty tips using green tea from the Indian Spot: Amazing Beauty DIYs using Green Tea  Rich in antioxidants and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea has amazing beauty benefits. It can be used in different natural ways to help your skin appear brighter and flawless.”

I prefer to use loose tea at home. To use tea bags in these recipes all you need to do is buy a couple of muslin reusable tea bags for loose tea. When finished you compost the tea & rinse out the bag to use again. These are not difficult to find. Try Michael’s, natural food store’s, herb stores or the link above for Amazon.

Having problems with dry cuticles & hangnails? Try this Homemade Cuticle Cream from 30 Handmade Days. Very simple to make & will last for a long time.

Lydi Out Loud has put together a list of  THE BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS YOU CAN DIY  from 30 fun websites. One of the websites she mentions is one of my favorites. 

Frugally Sustainable A RESOURCE FOR ALL THINGS FRUGAL AND SUSTAINABLE  I like her homemade Shampoo Bars I am going to make the Chamomile & Calendula Bar. 

From the same website, Frugally SustainableI am really into this idea! Herbal Sleep Aid :: How to Make Peaceful Sleep Sachets Using Herbs, Essential Oils, and Crystals   by 

Organic Beauty Recipes by Eve. She has face, body, hair & lip-care recipesI’ve created this blog so anybody can start making their own organic beauty recipes at home and ditch all the chemical filled commercial products…

I will share homemade organic recipes of face & body creams, body butters, lips balms, shampoos (or no poo!), cleansers, make up and look forward helping you switching to a natural beauty lifestyle.

I can promise you one thing: I will do my best to make it easy and fun…oh and it will save you some bucks (or loonies!) in the process.”

Cannot leave out the wonderful Avocado! Hello Glow: 4 TASTY AVOCADO RECIPES FOR HAIR, SKIN + WRINKLES Take a look under the Beauty tab for more recipes.

AVOCADO HAIR MASK RECIPE from Organic Beauty Recipes by Eve Take a look at the ingredients. Besides avocado it has cocnut oil, banana, apple cider vinegar & honey. Sounds like a pudding 🙂

In case you would rather eat the avocado: California Avocados/Recipes 🙂

I saved this one for last. I don’t know about you but it is all I can do to get a mango home without eating it! Years ago we bought a case of mangoes in Oregon. We were stopped at the California/Oregon border & they were taken from us. We didn’t have the time to stop & eat them all; I hated seeing a grown man crying over his mangoes 🙂 

Brit + Co: Want Silky Smooth Skin? DIY This Whipped Mango Body Butter By Eileen Chow 

Or…you can eat them. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post. It is going up early so that my assistant Juli can go on a much needed vacation! Until the following week…Mary 🙂

Additional Resources: You can also find jars & tins in natural food stores or herb shops. I have found some lovely shaped bottles & containers at Michael’s.