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This is YOUR place! Cancer patients, thrivers, survivors, and caregivers.

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You will find valuable information here to help you make the best nutrition decisions for yourself before, during, and after your cancer journey.

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As time goes on, this site will grow into your go-to-place for research-based information, resources, photos and more. You will find the help you need, at your fingertips, to make healthy nutritional choices at the market, when dining out, and at home. Be sure to share what you learn and this website with your caregivers and family members as they walk this path with you.

What’s in your cancer-fighting tool box?

I have always felt that we need to be our own advocates when it comes to our health. We need to make choices that fit our personal lifestyles, culture, gender, age and physical wellbeing. We are not a statistic! One size does not fit all! Each one of us is a unique individual on our own unique path. Your path happens to include cancer.

Educating yourself abut your disease will be the strongest tool in your arsenal against cancer. That is where this site comes in. Stay updated here. Learn about nutrition do’s and don’ts. Find food facts to help you eat healthy, and discover new tools to add to your cancer-fighting tool box.


 Mary Hollander RN | San Diego Cancer Research Institute | integrative Program Coordinator

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